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I remember a writing exercise we were given once a week in grammar school. We were to take a picture from a magazine, paste it on a piece of paper, and then underneath it we were to write about what was happening or how we felt about what was going on in the photograph. We were to describe the activity or setting within the photo using all of our senses. I enjoyed that exercise immensely and still employ the concept in my writing today when I see a scene in my head. 

I hope you will join me on an adventure in one of my books. Please contact me through my website if you'd like to ask a question or make a comment. And if you liked the book that you have just read, please do me a big favor and leave a review so others can appreciate it as well. I hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you for your support.



My Story

All four of my grandparents emigrated from the west of Ireland to the U.S.   Three came from County Galway and one from County Clare where the Gaelic language and story telling continue to be a  rich Irish tradition.  There was a time when books were banned and some took to memorizing them so they could continue to share the stories around peat fires and in hedge rows.  I guess it's in my blood to share stories so I hope you'll continue my family's tradition and share mine.



Sonoma County, California

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