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About the Author

My first book is a WHO-DONE-IT titled “Bless Me Father.” It involves a former nun’s secret, an apolitical priest, a haunting cold case, and a forbidden love which are all intertwined in this murder mystery thriller.


My next three books are part of a series I call the Diem Trilogy. These are also in the thriller genre with a touch of sci-fi thrown into the mix. The first book is “Novus Diem” (new day) and it follows a research scientist whose unauthorized experiment leads to her arrest. She escapes custody befriending an interrogator whose Native American roots allow them a safe haven and time to plot their next move.


The next book in the series is “Post Diem,” (next day) and sees terrorists commandeering busses full of commuters who park them midspan on the Golden Gate Bridge halting traffic in both directions. The whole world watches the spectacle on live television to see what happens next.


The third and final book in the series is “Ultima Diem,” (last day) and is about a perfect storm of astrophysical calamities which threaten the world while U.S. intelligence leaks further threaten national security. A quantum researcher finds hope in the ancient ways of the Hopi people. I am finishing this work at present for publication next year.


I also have a blog here for random thoughts, poetry and sometimes even political opinions, some of which have been published elsewhere. These may not endear me to every fiction reader, but I do believe that a fundamental element of Democracy is sharing ideas. As George William Russell (Irish writer, poet, painter, critic & organizer) said, “We have the universe to roam in imagination. It is our virtue to be infinitely varied. The worst tyranny is uniformity.”


Be of open mind. It is much preferrable than that of one that is impenetrable.

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My Story

All four of my grandparents emigrated from the west of Ireland to the U.S.   Three came from County Galway and one from County Clare where the Gaelic language and story telling continue to be a  rich Irish tradition.  There was a time when books were banned and some took to memorizing them so they could continue to share the stories around peat fires and in hedge rows.  I guess it's in my blood to share stories so I hope you'll continue my family's tradition and share mine.

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Sonoma County, California

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